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David Damoison – Photographe

David Damoison © 2007 Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins
David Damoison © 2007 Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins
Born in 1963.
Approach photography in various workshops in Paris and as assistant.

In 1991, I undertake a personal research within the West-Indian community of Paris who leads me to a collaboration with "Revue Noire", first order of illustrations, travels and meetings with the plasticians of the Caribbean.

Since, I continue to follow, by outward journeys and returns, the human currents which irrigates the Caribbean and Africa.

Photographs present in privates collections in France and abroad.

Collection of the FNAC, Museum of the memory of immigration (Paris), Museum of Afro-American Diaspora, (San Francisco).

Jeudi 19 Juin 2008
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